Unlock the Power of Infographic Pins

Unlock the Power of Infographic Pins

The Relentless Quest for User Retention

Look, social media platforms are locked in a never-ending battle for your attention.

Instagram pushes its Reels feature, YouTube pushes Shorts, and WhatsApp recently unleashed a new “channels” feature. Twitter’s cooking up something too, to ensure they aren’t trailing in the retention race.

Pinterest finds itself in a unique conundrum: While people regard it as more of a search engine than a social hangout, it also craves those long-term users.

Pinterest’s Evolution: The Highs and Lows of Idea Pins

Pinterest introduced Idea Pins as a spotlight feature, heralding them as tools for enhancing brand awareness and follower growth. And for sure, these pins did drive eyeballs; they racked up views like nobody’s business.

Yet, while Pinterest marketed these pins primarily for brand visibility and follower acquisition, they initially had one glaring limitation: they didn’t allow for outbound links to websites or articles.

Now, let’s get personal for a sec.

When I ran tests on Idea Pins—both for my own account and my clients—we observed a surge in impressions and pin clicks. However, without the ability to attach links in the initial phase, these metrics felt somewhat hollow.



We yearned for those clickable exits to our websites, a vital component of any robust Pinterest strategy.

Even though Pinterest promised followers through Idea Pins, many creators like myself didn’t see a remarkable increase in that department. For some, this could be chalked up to lackluster design, but let me be clear: Even well-designed Idea Pins weren’t the follower magnets they were hyped to be.

So, what did people do? They pivoted.

Many of us reallocated our energy back to standard pins, which have long been reliable for driving traffic thanks to the ability to include outbound links.

Introducing Infographic Pins: A Double Win

I’ve dubbed them “Infographic Pins”—yeah, I know some just call them “Infographics,” but hear me out.

When you say “Infographic,” people tend to picture a visual element embedded in a blog post. However, on Pinterest, these serve a particular, strategic purpose: to cater to Pinterest’s unique audience. Using vibrant colors and catchy fonts, Infographic Pins are curated with the Pinterest crowd in mind.

Why They Stand Out: The X-Factor of Infographic Pins

Ever scrolled through Pinterest and noticed that amidst the sea of typical image pins urging you to click, there’s something different?

Infographic Pins go beyond just displaying a title and call-to-action; they provide upfront information in a captivating manner.


These pins not only enhance Pinterest’s algorithmic preference but also create a win-win situation for creators.

Reports and articles galore prove these pins excel in holding user attention, which is a golden metric Pinterest highly values.


Perks for Creators: More Saves, More Engagement

Look, these Infographic Pins are doing creators heaps of good, too. First, they get saved way more often than your run-of-the-mill pins. Second, they lead to prolonged user engagement, upping the odds of clicks that will take visitors straight to your full-length article.


So, How Can You Jump on This Bandwagon?

At Grokite, my agency specializing in Pinterest pin creation and 360-degree management services, we tailor packages to include a mix of standard and Infographic Pins.

New to Pinterest?

We’d probably recommend easing into it with standard pins and then layering in some Infographics.

It’s All About You: Custom Plans Available

There’s no cookie-cutter approach here. Got a specific niche? An account that’s performing in a certain way? Hit me up with the deets, and we’ll devise a plan that’s all you.

Keen only on Infographic Pins?

No worries; we’ve got custom offers for that too. With our 360-degree package, we’ll even outline our complete strategy for you to review before getting the ball rolling.

If you’re game for pins that not only beautify your feed but also elevate your engagement metrics, reach out. 

At Grokite, we’ve got the solutions that will set you apart from the crowd. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s elevate your Pinterest game to the next stratosphere!