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What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are short, visually appealing, mobile-focused multimedia content that provide a storytelling experience. Similar to social media stories, they consist of a series of swipeable, full-screen pages featuring images, videos, text, and animations, allowing creators to engage users in a visually immersive format on the web.


About us

Welcome to GroKite, a leading digital marketing agency spearheaded by Yuvraj.

At GroKite, we specialize in crafting captivating Google Web Stories for online businesses with established blogs.

Since our inception in May 2021, we have been dedicated to helping brands stand out and engage their audiences through visually stunning web stories.



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Customer Testimonials

Designs were great! Yuvraj really went above and beyond to help make the process as smooth as possible and explained things when I didn’t understand. Would recommend!

DR. Tamyra Edwards

Founder, Magnolia Wellness & Psychology

Yuvraj went above and beyond by offering additional insights regarding my desired goals. He was kind, responsiveness and easy to work with. Would recommend!


Owner, Globe Gazers

There were technical glitches on my end due to my not understanding how to share rights. Yuvraj was incredibly patient and gracious while it took time for me to resolve the issue. Even better, I love the work that Yuvraj did.

Ruth Grindeland

Owner, Sinkful Kitchen

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What We Need From You?


Brand Color Codes

At least 2 color codes of your website.


WordPress Login Details

We need access of your WordPress Website to create web stories.


GSC Access

Need access to your Google Search Console.


Blog Posts URLs

Which you want as Google web stories.


Your Logo Files

PNG and JPEG is recommended.


Expertise in the Art of Relaxation

Sit back, grab your favorite snack, and let us do the heavy lifting.


Plans For Every Need

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/7 Days Delivery

  • 4 Eye-Catching Web Stories
  • Each of 7 Slides
  • Cover Images Included
  • Title & description optimized
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Page/channel optimization
  • Plugin Setup

Experience Google Web Stories Excellence with the Freedom of One-Time Payments!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after placing an order?

Once you have successfully placed your order, our team at GroKite will promptly contact you through the email you have provided. We will gather the necessary information and requirements from you, which are outlined in the sections mentioned above.

Do you create web stories for websites those are not hosted on WordPress?

At Grokite, we primarily work with WordPress websites and utilize the official Google Web Stories plugin. If you don’t have a WordPress website, please contact us to discuss the options available for your platform.

What prerequisites should I consider before placing an order?

Before placing an order, please ensure that you have installed the “Google Web Stories plugin” on your WordPress website. It’s important to check the compatibility of the plugin with your site and confirm that your site has sufficient hosting resources.

How do you create web stories? Can I edit the text and change the links of added elements?

Rather than creating a complete video file, we design web stories base in other softwares. This allows us to add editable text and incorporate separate Call-to-Action (CTA) clickable elements under the WP Stories editor. With our approach, you have the flexibility to modify the text and change the links associated with the clickable elements in the future.

Will you need access to my WordPress website?

Yes, in order to create web stories for your website, we kindly request you to add us as an editor on your WordPress website. This will enable us to seamlessly create and optimize the web stories.

How can I grant you access to my Google Search Console account?

Adding us to your Google Search Console account is a straightforward process. You can follow the steps outlined in this video.

Why do you require access to my search console?

In many cases, clients provide specific blog posts URLs that they want to convert into web stories. However, at times, we may suggest creating web stories based on your blog’s trending articles by analyzing the data from the search console. Having access to your search console helps us identify potential articles that could be transformed into engaging web stories.

Do you offer content writing services for web stories?

At Grokite, we specialize in converting existing blog posts into captivating web stories. We do not provide separate content writing services for web stories. Our focus is on summarizing and transforming your published blog posts into visually appealing web stories.

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